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>Throw a weak tantrum, but do it anyway.

Bina notices a sort of wheezy whining noise before realizing that she is the one making it. She hates being all weak and whiny like this but she is really tired and -

"Just come here!"


Kendra reaches out and grabs her. Pulling Bina down on top of her, with the big squishy hot-pad between them.

"So I'm allowed to get to lay down now?"

There is some awkward fumbling as Kendra tries to get the smaller hot-pad between Bina's feet.

"Y-y-you can b-barely sit up, but y-you still h-have the energy for s-s-snark?"

"Mmmalwayssnarky." mumbles Bina, as Kendra wraps the space blanket around them both.

There are several minutes of quiet. The space blanket isn't ideal protection, but with the two of them it's only a few minutes before Bina starts to shiver again.

"Awwww…. t-t-th-this s-ssucks!"

The feeling creeping its way back into her extremities is bringing the pain with it.

"It d-d-didn't hurt before!"

Her hands. Oh god her hands. They are one big throbbing ball of agony. What was she thinking?

"P-pain is good. It l-lets you know that you're still a-alive."

"O-o-o-only people who a-aren't in p-pain say that."

"Really? You should f-feel my h-head right now. This is like the worst hangover ever, and I didn't even enjoy getting it."

For a while they are quiet, just lying there and shivering.

Did she really drag Kendra all that way? It seems ridiculous now. Impossibly energetic.

"Y-you know I c-can't see, r-right? M'all c-covered in t-tinfoil."

"Do you really need to see right now?"

Bina thinks about that for a second, "N-no?"

"Then shush. You have hypothermia. Give it a rest for a minute."

Bina shushes, but after several more minutes of thawing, Bina's brain slowly starts working again.

"W-we can't stay here!"


Seeing as my last comment was posted around 5AM and I started a while before midnight, I'm gonna say… 7 Hours? In other words way too long to read in one sitting if you're actually sane.

Jeepers! I did not think it was that long! Thank you for the information.

>Do as Kendra says. Take note to get some of these things when you get out of here. They're pretty cool.

I know! Aren't they cool?

i swear, these thread name changes are getting more and more suggestive, especially with all the people who want kendra and bina to snuggle :mspa:

"In which Bina cops a feel" [updated 4/3/2014]

Hush you! :)