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>Doesn't tin foil usually come in rolls? That's probably a thermal blanket! Wrap it around the both of you!

Bina stares at the tin foil package. That's not right. Tin foil comes in those rolls right?

"I think there's one of those thingies."

"W-wh-what t-thingies?"

They had a funny name but it's escaping Bina right now, so she just hands the package to Kendra. She'll figure it out.

"A s-space blanket!?" That was the name. "T-th-that's g-great!"

"And there's some of these… jello… things."

They are VERY strange. She can't figure out WHAT B12 was thinking. Bina wouldn't say no to jello exactly, but there's no way to even open them to get the jello out. It's not even very good jello, being all sort of runny. More like koolaid then jello really.


"In bags. I don't think we can eat them." She doesn't really feel like runny jello. She doesn't really feel like much of anything right now.

(Additionally Kendra should probably check the squishy stuff, Bina doesn't seem the most coherent right now aah…)

There's more grunting noises and Kendra's head briefly pops into view before she loses her balance again and falls back onto the concrete.

"Th-th-that's not jello!"

"I know."

"Then w-w-why did you -"

"It's more like… sort of koolaid-ey."

There is a long pause.

"Y-you've never l-l-lived in n-northern Quebec h-have you?"


"It sh-shows. P-p-press the little b-button thingy."


"W-w-wiggle it!" Kendra seems to have unfolded the tinfoil and is endeavouring to get it beneath her.

This is hampered by the fact that she keeps having to stop and close her eyes every few seconds, and that she doesn't seem to be able to sit up without toppling in a random direction.

That's one of those hand warmer things where you snap a disk inside and it makes an exothermic reaction, not a packet of edible jelly.

Bina wiggles it.


That's actually rather pretty. The little jello bag fills quickly with squishy crystals.

What I'm not sure about is that one of those will produce enough heat to warm up a tin foil blanket, they're pocket sized… worth a try though I suppose.

"Are there m-more of th-those?"

Bina checks in the backpack. The little bag full of jello is very warm now, her fingers are starting to hurt again.

"There's…" she tries to count, but gives up after she gets muddled somewhere around four, "A bunch. And there's a big one."

"G-g-get one m-more small one and the b-big one t-t-then g-get your b-b-butt over here."

Kendra is being very bossy.


YES! I finally made it to the end! You know, this adventure is quite appropriately named, considering the time period in which I read it. (But damn, I had a chance of fixing my sleep schedule, I even fell asleep before dawn yesterday! Oh well, it was worth it.) This is a great adventure, you should be proud!

Hi wolftamer! Thanks for reading. Do you mind if I ask how long it took you to get all the way through it? I've been trying to get an idea of how long it takes to read all the way from the beginning for a while.

Thanks again!

Psst, I think the line, "Fiiine, but you gotta let go of the strap," is supposed to be Bina, right?

Thanks xooxu! The decision to alter Kendra's text does keep causing problems. I can't imagine how the sburb-alikes do it, with every character having a different colour.

It must be very tricky.