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They go down in a tangle of limbs.

The surface beneath the mud is rough concrete, but it's covered in loose bricks, bent pipes, and all manner of other garbage. Bina tries to catch herself, to stop herself from falling into the goop, but she puts her hand on something unstable and it skips away, scraping against her fingers but providing no purchase.

She splashes into the mud face first with Kendra mostly on top of her, an elbow or a knee hits her in the side knocking the wind out of her.

Cuss like a sailor.

She tries to swear and almost inhales a mouthful of the stinking slime. The mud is cold, thick, clinging and entirely opaque.

Bina shoves out with her hands, and heaves, this time managing to find the floor. Kendra's long limbs slip away from her as she breaches the surface, gasping.


The other woman, seeming disoriented, vanishes under the mud. Bina grabs at her, pulling her out. Kendra gives a great sputtering cough and shudders again.

"If you have a seizure now I am going to be so mad at you!"

The mud is slippery, making Kendra hard to hold onto. She keeps sliding out of Bina's grip.

"You have no idea! I will kick your butt so hard."


"It's true! I totally - " she has to pause to gasp for breath here, god, when did she get so tired? "I totally will, you better believe it."

At least Kendra is still conscious, sort of. She should be seizing now, right? If she was going to? Right? Bina mentally adds time-travel induced neurological trauma to the growing list of stuff she doesn't know enough to make educated guesses about.

Get both of you up and get Kendra to the platform. That's the important thing right now. Check the backpack further once you're there. There might be something that can help Kendra.

"Can you stand up? We're almost there. When we get to the island you can lie down all you want ok, but you can't lie down now?"

Kendra makes a gesture that, while nonverbal, eloquently illustrates that, while she would be happy to oblige Bina's requests were they made at any other time, the standing thing is just not going to be happening right now.

"OK, OK, that's all right."

That is not all right. Crap, crap, and double crap.