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Oh god kendra what dont die

Oh no. No no no. Noooo no no.


God she's heavy. Bina's much abused knees creak and she barely manages to keep Kendra from falling face first into the mud.

"Kendra, talk to me! Are you ok?"

It's not fair! They figured it out! They did everything right!

Kendra moans, but does not regain her balance.

This is not good. This is VERY not good. Kendra is a large woman. Bina is… not.

She is tiny. If Kendra has a seizure here Bina doesn't think she'd be able to stop her from drowning.

"Come on Kendra! Come on, you, you're not allowed to fall down now. You're not! I can't carry you! I can't! You have to help me!"

Sit her down before she falls down.

There is dry land, some kind of concrete island with pipes sticking out of it nearby in the sugar factory. She saw it before, when she got the brick. If she can just get there they'll be fine. They WILL be fine.

The older woman's legs don't seem to want to work properly, and she can't keep her balance, but after a lot of frantic shouting and cajoling she starts trying to walk, leaning heavily on Bina. Bina half leads, half drags Kendra out of the tunnel mouth into the sugar factory.

"Myy heeeead!"

"I know. I know. I'm sorry. It's ok, we're almost there. You're going to be ok."

She is going to be ok. Bina survived this, she survived it TWICE. Kendra will be fine.

But you had the seizure medicine, says a venomous little voice inside her, You had the medicine and you barely survived. B12 didn't give Kendra any. Her Kendra died, and now so will yours.

They are only about four feet from the concrete island when Bina feels her foot catch on something submerged in the mud.

And they fall.