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>In the (unlikely!!!) chance that this doesn't work and you and Kendra have to fight the not-dog yourselves… What do you have to defend yourself?

Bina remembers kicking the thing in the face as hard as she could over and over again. It barely slowed it down.

She doesn't think that any of the stuff they currently have would work as a weapon. What, are they going to throw kleenex at it? Clock it to death?

There is the splinter of time, but she's not convinced that it would work, or be a good idea if it DID work. All the time stuff is so complicated that she'd really rather not add to it by stabbing the dog thing with a piece of the future.

But it's the only thing that might possibly work.

She decides not to find out.

> Hurry! There's no time to lose the green light is shining through. Grab ye nail and run.

Heck yeah. She'd been half expecting to be thrown into the future at this point, but it seems that they're sticking around for a few seconds at least.

Bina grabs the backpack from the nail and fumbles with the straps. Her hair, still stiff in places with drying muck, gets in the way. After a few seconds of fumbling she gets it mostly on and reaches out a hand for Kendra, who grabs it, awkwardly holding their stolen treasures in one hand.

"Here goes nothing."

Bina pulls out the nail.

And nothing happens.

Outside in the laundromat there is more crashing and flashes of light.


So it turns out I'm allergic to the antibiotics they put me on! My hands are now bright red and itchy! Hurray! This sick is the gift that keeps on giving.