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"Are you - do you think that will really -

I think the idea is to change the room so that everything is as Kendra saw it when she was tied up, so they won't be temporally obligated to be there anymore to do the changing, so they are allowed by the 'rules' to go back.

Man, that's so simple.

"Yes! Just trust me we don't have much time!"

"OK! Uhhh…"

"Hurry up!"

> Take the bag on the desk

"I am hurrying! Uhhh… the bag. That - that wasn't there."

Bina grabs the bag.

"Got it."

"Where are we supposed to put all this stuff?"

"The chair. We'll pile it all on here and grab it when we leave."

"But what if we're supposed to have gone somewhere else? How would we know what to -"

"I think we'll know! What next?"

Outside, the banging noise gets louder, then stops all at once.

"That - the dog - is that the -

"Not yet! Come on!"

"But nothing else is here when it shouldn't be! It was just the kleenex and the bag."

"OK, so what's missing?"

"Uh… missing, missing, missing… the clock! The little clock I was staring at and then it stopped. It should be on that square metal table."

"Little clock, little clock, I don't see it. Do you see it?"

"I don't see it."

They both start looking.

How do you hide anything in a room this small?


Also also, she looks just gosh darn adorable in that first panel!

Thanks! That one turned out really good. Poor hopeful Bina. It sure WOULD have been great if Kendra had been going to school to be a Time Lord.

(This image is now our meme.)

That is strange and wonderful. Thank you!