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>How old is Kendra anyway?

If Bina had to guess, she's say late twenties to early thirties. It's hard to tell, as she is tired and covered in mud.

"Please tell me you're training to be a theoretical physicist and/or a time something-or-another!"

"No, sorry. I'm not getting my degree in physics OR time something-or-anothering."

"Dang. That would have been REALLY useful right now."

"Yes it would have, but no, sorry."

"So you can't read the equation?"

>Kendra: hypothesize

"Ummm… I think I can. This other symbol is just a 't'. Which almost always stands for 'time' when used in physics. So 'time = quantum', or maybe 'time is a waveform'? Does that mean anything?"


"Really? Dang, I thought it'd help."

"Well I'm sure it DOES, but that doesn't help us now. We need to get outta this time! If this were like before, the first time we changed anything we'd start getting pushed out, but we've changed stuff and we're still here. No weird timey wimey wind, nothing."

Bina can't help but feel like they're missing something. The physics stuff is important, but this whole mess is too… it's too fluffy for the whole thing to be explained by some kind of physics accident.

I'm sorry Bina, I was never very good at understanding timey-wimey shenanigans and paradoxes. I always preferred the handwave of the Doctor's that made everything work out according to the story.

As far as Bina knows, there is no possible equation that can turn a twenty pound beagle into a monster the size of a small truck.

That's something that happens in a story, and in stories, the rules always make sense.

They've come back in time, but lets assume the rules are acting like they've come forward in time, because of reasons.

If you go back in time, you stay until you change something. The bigger the change, the bigger the ouch it puts on your brain.

If you go forward in time, you stay until…


It can't be THAT simple.

Can it?

Basically smash all the pots and collect all the items like you're in Legend of Zelda, and hope something turns up.

"Kendra! Quick. I've had a ridiculous idea! What in this room is DIFFERENT then when you were in here before? Like the kleenex box. I think we have to change all the things!"



dammit dalm you're tempting me to try reading trol seassons again

i already lost so much sanity in my last attempt

trol seassons are the best trol seassons!