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> Bina: Ignore all of that stuff about food and water, you can just take those with you. But now, right now, you need to get out of Then and get back to Now

Right. Yes.

OK. So how do they get back?

They should already be back, shouldn't they? The last two times she's done this, the second she changed anything the squeezing wind started up and forced her back to the correct time. The bigger the change, the bigger the squeeze.

But this time, this time it isn't like that. They've already changed stuff, stuff that she clearly remembers as already having happened. Her tooth is the tooth she found. Her blood the blood that Kendra saw. All the rules seem to have changed.

God her head hurts, and her tooth.

Ex-tooth. Whatever. She hopes she's still on her mom's dental insurance.

Is it Kendra? As far as Bina knows there's nothing weird about Kendra. She doesn't have a mysteriously glowing foot or something, as far as Bina knows.

"Err, ok, I think - yep - I hear something now. Sort of sloshy thumps. You have any ideas yet? Maybe we should just run."

Crap! They're almost out of time again! That's the not-dog getting ready to jump past-her.

"We'll do that if I can't come up with something in about a minute, ok? We can go out the back way after I've gone back toward the entrance."

What is different this time going back? Is it how she came back? Is it Kendra? Arrgh.

The rules have all changed.

Wait wait wait - the rules. She has a copy of the rules. They didn't make any sense before but…

Bina shoves her hands into her pockets. They're slimey with mud but after a moments fumbling she finds what she's looking for.

Back bad. Forward worse. Events lock.

Events lock.

That certainly sounds like what's happening now.

But they went back in time, why are events locked here?