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> Never think it's over, Bina. It'll always get worse.

She's not going to think about it. Everything is terrible. Things will make more sense if she just rests a second. Not sleeping. Just… just a rest.

After a few more attempts to shake her shoulder Kendra stops talking. That's good.

"Sorry about this, but you're not allowed to check out right now."

It turns out that she was just shifting position so she could do this.

If you wanna stay awake just shove a finger up your tooth hole. That should wake you up right quick

Bina is extremely awake now!!!


(lol +1 reader)

Hi TD! Thanks for reading!

I am sick again! Hurray (not hurray)! Hopefully it is not strep this time.

Updates will be smaller for a few days while I get over this thing.