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Is it dream Bina time?

It might be. That could be nice…

> Think about where past you all are now.

Hmm… yeah. She's probably doing her laundry or whatever. Right?


Thats… what's happening…. llaaaundry…

Detergent… and… thingggss….

"Hey! Bina!" Kendra's voice is a hiss. "You're not falling asleep are you?"

"Mnnnoo… mm'just," she yawns, "resting. Just for a second…"


"Just resting!"

"Crap. You can't - crap…"

There's some rustling noises.

"Hey. Hey!"

Kendra looks really sad. Bina wishes she would smile more. She bet's that Kendra has a nice smile.

"Hey! Get it together! You can't go to sleep! Not now! You probably have a concussion!"

"S'your fault. You hit me with a phone!"

"I know! Sorry, look, we should run now right, or go back through time? We shouldn't BE here! Isn't the big dog thing about to show up?"

Hmmm? What's she talking about? The doggy went smoosh… right? S'maybe not dead, but it got crushed by a building. Goinna take a while to dig itself outta that!

Kendra's beeing… *yawn*… silly…