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>Bina: Did Kendra get the thingy???

"Did you get… the thingy?"

"Yes. Yes, I got it. Here, take it. Please. I don't want it."

Bina who, with extraordinary effort, had just managed to flop onto her back, feels the smooth buzzing thing land on her stomach.

She picks it up.

It's broken. Almost a third of it is missing.

>>Bina: Did the thingy get the Kendra???

Ftfy. Was I the only one that was afraid that the green glowing tv was going to have some adverse affect on Kendra?

"Are you ok?" she says, all her anger at Kendra smothered by a ice-like stab of fear, "Did you cut yourself?! You didn't get any IN you did you?"

"No, I mean yes, I'm ok. I didn't cut myself," Kendra's voice is hesitant, confused, "I think. I just, I grabbed it and…"

She trails off.

"All this time stuff, it messes with your head, right?"