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Bina tries to shake her head clear but it's no good. The fog from earlier is back and it's brought friends. She tries to force them down.

>Chastise Kendra. She just KNOCKED OUT YOUR TOOTH. You're going to need to get a replacement screw-in! God, you are getting the shit kicked out of you.

She should be doing something important, but all she can think about is the overwhelming urge to kick Kendra REALLY HARD!

She came back in TIME for her! She smashed reality with a BRICK for her! And what does Kendra give her as thanks? She hits her in the face with a PHONE!

And who hits people with a phone? I mean really! Who does that?!

She hears the click and a scrape of someone fumbling with a key in a lock. That's gotta be Gregor opening the door from the alleyway. Great! Just what she needs now.

>Fall over

She turns to look in that direction, but half way through the motion she realizes that she's on her hands and knees and she starts to topple over.

She tries to catch herself, but she feels her right hand slip in the puddle of her blood and spit. Everything whirls for a second and then she lands heavily on her side, her tooth skittering off into darkness.

It hurts.

EVERYTHING hurts. Especially her mouth.

She manages to get her eyes open.

She can see Kendra running towards her. Big shoes. "She's going to step on me," she thinks, her head full of fuzz, "Squash me like a bug."

While she's still trying to figure out if this would be a bad thing at this point, she notices that the TV is on.


For the first time.

>You lost your piece of reality. You distinctly remember there was no piece of reality when you first came in at the very start. Quick, look for it!

She must have let go of the splinter of time when Kendra hit her. It's sticking out of the TV screen at a jaunty angle. She's pretty sure she didn't see that the first time she was here. Gotta get it…

Kendra (if we can give suggestions to her): Drag Bina to a safe spot while profusely apologizing.

It turns out that Kendra isn't planning on squashing her, instead she can feel Kendra grabbing her under the shoulders and pulling her toward the back of the laundromat.

She tries to wriggle away in protest, but none of her limbs are working right. All she can manage is some vague flailing and a few inarticulate protest noises in the back of her throat. She is mad at Kendra! Kendra hit her with a PHONE! She is not allowed to get out of Bina being angry with her by doing something like rescuing her from a massive and potentially fatal temporal paradox.

This is totally unfair!

Bina: do not be unconscious again

Gosh, she thinks, it would be super great if I could just pass out now. This situation is embarrassing, painful, dangerous, and increasingly ridiculous. We have reached peak argh! Can't this just be over now?

But her brain refuses to co-operate and consciousness clings to her like an old band-aid stuck on some sensitive hairs.

Treacherous neurons! Never doing what she wants them too do!

She feels her shoes slide along the tiles and she can hear something calling out that there's someone here to wash their clothes and maybe they could, umm… like… turn on the lights or something?

That's her, in the past, about to work up the courage to enter the darkened laundromat. Hurray! Argh.

Does her voice really sound like that? She sounds like a little kid! No wonder nobody ever takes her seriously!