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> And… cliffhanger chapter end.

>End Chapter whatever we were on.

Then, trailing a glittering halo of broken time, she falls.


For those of you keeping close track at home, you might notice that Chapters 3 and 4 are a bit scrambled. We know when [post=7329779]Chapter 3 started[/post], and we know when [post=7425240]Chapter 4 ended[/post], but we don't know where Chapter 3 became Chapter 4.

This is a mix-up on my part. I have no idea whether I just forgot that we were still in Chapter 3, or if I originally had some plan with all this.

I suspect that I just messed up. To resolve this, I have two options.

Option 1: I can split the Chapter in half, making a distinct Chapter 3 and Chapter 4, probably [post=7364552]here[/post], when Bina goes back in time. The problem with this option is that this is in the middle of the (as yet unfinished) retcon, and is likely to be pretty confusing.

Option 2: I can just call the whole thing Chapter 3, and just redraw the Chapter Title text. This would be 'cleaner', but would result in Chapter 3 being very long (about 100 updates) which is substantially more then the other chapters.

What do you think? Does anyone care?