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Quick! Grab a piece of reality while you're plummeting into the unknown, and stash it in your pocket for later.

Can you grab a piece of reality? I'm kind of interested to find out.

Obviously you should grab some spare reality. This can not go wrong at all.

I don't think reality will mind.

> Grab grab grab! We need the reality spear to happen!

The first piece she tries to grab she manages to bat away with the flailing tips of her fingers. It vanishes, spinning, into the dark.

The second one she tries for is shattered into a thousand tiny pieces when it crosses the glowing green trial left by her right hand.

But the third one. The third one she gets.


Oh, hey, this is page 97. We're going to need thread 2 soon!

That we are! And I -still- haven't finished the retcons from 100 days ago. Dang.