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It's a blast from the past


I can't tell if this is the exact panel but it seems to line up
it also means the tv might turn itself off very shortly.

It's herself. From earlier. She remembers this. This is in the laundromat, just after she got there. Before - before EVERYTHING. Gosh. She looks so not beaten up! And clean!

She's about to go get some rather stale cookies and then, in just under minute, she's going to meet the dog for the first time.


Can she do something about that? From here? From now? Can she change this? If she left, right then, what would happen? She wouldn't meet the dog. Which means she wouldn't end up in the factory. So she wouldn't see the Botfly.

If she were gone, Gregor wouldn't go out for more murder-plastic, which would mean he wouldn't find Kendra ticketing cars nearby, which would mean that she'd be safe too!

send a message to your past self to runnnnn awwayyyyyyyy

"Run! Run you idiot!"

"Run away! You have no idea what's about to happen to you! It's going to be awful and you're going to end up being me! It sucks being me!"

But she doesn't run, because she didn't.

Instead she just reaches out and -

The tv makes a low buzzing hum which becomes a coughing rattle and finally stutters to a stop.