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For real this time.

Before anyone freaks out, there will be epilogues, three of them. They will start coming out early next year, but they will not be released on a daily model like the story itself. Instead they will come out in three relatively large chunks. We will see what happened to Three, and to Kendra, and all the others.

I'll keep you updated, here in the comments, but also on twitter, tumblr, and discord when those will be released.

Thank you so much for reading this story, and for helping me make it. You have no idea how much I have appreciated the comments, the spelling corrections, the fanart, and the wild theorizing - which I definitely stole from on a regular basis even after the interactive part of the comic was finished.

Special thanks to Dave Rapp, who took up Mod responsibilities when we were getting flooded with pornography. Thank you very much Dave, I really appreciate that. You saved my bacon there.

This has been a long and often difficult road, and I could not have done it without your enthusiasm and support. I definitely would have quit.

But I didn't!

2409 days!

Start to finish.

Take that reality! Who says I can't update daily for almost seven years?

I'm going to have more to say about the process of doing this, and Calvinball, and whether or not I think doing thing like this is a good idea. I'll write more about all that - probably at the end of all the epilogues, but for now I wish you all a very happy holidays.

Be kind to each other. I'm gonna go have a nap!

- Zach