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> Tell him to step back a few steps

She doesn't think that's going to work.

Getting by it won't be easy either. She can't move without touching the it, and the washing-machine and the swiffer are between her and the door. Not to mention the horrible chairs.

She decides to stays put for the moment.

Huh, the weird, vibrating, fuzzyness around just sort of turned off. Like someone clicking off a light.

>Good dog-monster

> Pat it on the head, clearly it's just an ordinary dog. Also, who the hell doesn't have barbarian ancestors? [size=10]Didn't Genghis Khan's ancestry end up in like, everybody? I think I'd consider him a barbarian, at least in so far as he was not from Greece, which is technically what barbarian means anyway.[/size]

Ha ha! You know what's great? Not being dead! Bina sure thought she was dead there.

But nope! Totally not dead.

Hah. Hah hah hah!

She has a sudden inexplicable urge to pat the things head like a dog. But no! That probably a really bad idea!

Ha! Heh… It's a good doggie!

>Move slowly away from it. It's still an unpredictable beast in my book.

Look around for something you can throw for it to fetch.

Maybe if she just sort of edged to the side like thiiiiiis…

You won't mind right? Bina's just going to climb over these chairs here ok? You're a niiiice doggie. You're not going to eat her right?

Maybe Bina can find you something to fetch? Then you could go away.

You'd like that huh? Going away?

Good boy! Good b -