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"Doesn't matter," says Bina, too tired to deal with her own shit right now. "I trust you. Me. Whatever."

She digs in her bag for a few seconds. "I've got one last trick," she says. "Just one more. Here."

She finds what she was looking for and holds it out.

"Ten's device!" says Twelve. "You figured out how to charge it?"

"Yeah, it was a bit awkward, but we did it," says Bina, as her other self takes the awkward triangular device. "Here's hoping it lives up to it's name."

"It's name?"

"Amie called it 'The Flyswatter'," says Bina, and manages a smile as she leans back . "There - now I'm all out of miracles."

"You're just… giving this to me?" asks Twelve, staring down at her.

"Yes," says Bina. "You know how it works?"

"Of course," says Twelve. She's read all the journals. "I… have to physically touch her with it."

"I know," says Bina. "I'd do it but…" she gestures down at her legs. "I don't even think I'd get close…"