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She tries to grab it, again. There isn't much though behind it, just an instinctive grab for it - but her fingers hit empty air as it slips through a widening gap.

"That's not good at all," she says out loud. The gap glows, faintly, but stronger even as she watches. "Also ow." Her knees are very mad about everything that happened over the last few seconds.

She should have more time - this place is supposed to be stable. Of course, she'd spent quite a bit longer at the bottom of the entropic gradient than she'd wanted - but what is the point of time travel if you're always running out of time!

The hole in the world continues to exist, in defiance of her irritation and growing anxiety. It's dark, for now, just a faint flicker of red around the edges - but as she watches, the glow grows stronger.

It occurs to Bina, not for the first time, that the forces she's set in motion don't actually have to do what she wants.