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What happened to the Purple Dino?

"Buddy first," says Amie, wiping her nose. She's not crying. Really.

"Oh," says Bina. "Right!"

They both turn.

The enormous purple dinosaur, who hadn't moved from before, rumbles shyly, as though hesitant to interrupt.

"Uh…" says Bina. "I'm not sure if-"

"I'm not leaving Buddy behind either!" says Amie, in a tone of voice that says she's not willing to hear arguments on this.

"OK!" says Bina. "We'll just… you know… have some explaining to do when -"

"Bina now," says Amie. "We can deal with that later."

"All right," says Bina, looking down at the little piece of lego with a degree of skepticism. "It's just probably getting a little cramped in there…"