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"You can open your eyes now."

Well, cover your hand to see if it's real. Besides, if there's actually someone there, you don't want to scare them with your hand.

"So it's safe?"

"Safe from me at least, I've got the bandages back on. Can't say for sure about what's ahead though."

"Why are we whispering?"

"Because I haven't been having much luck with strange lights lately. Lets just keep quiet, go slow, and hope it isn't the danged dog again. I doubt we could get away from it in all this mud."

"The dog? How could it be the dog? The whole fricking building fell on it! It can't possibly have survived!"

There is a long silence.

"Can it?"

"Lets just… be careful. It might might also be Gregor, and I don't want to meet him very much either."

Peek around the corner, and be quiet.

Desperately hope the "real light" is not green.

Bina peers around the corner.

OK, so on the plus side, the light isn't green.


Also, fanart:
Beware of hypnotic effect.

Eee! Thank you!