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"Can you put your hand on my shoulder? I need to use both hands here."

"For the light?"


>"Gregor had one washing machine running and told me not to look in it. I didn't, but… Remember that monster in the basement? I saw it crawl out of Gregor's washing machine. I fled, but things got even weirder when it caught me."

"So wait. Was it in the washing machine to begin with? The thing that came into the basement was waaaay too big to fit in a regular old washing machine."

"It smaller that time, but no. Even then, it couldn't have fit in the washing machine."

"So… It just, what? It teleported?"

"Or maybe it, like, grew out of the dirty water? Look, there's a lot about this story that I don't really understand, OK? I know it doesn't make any sense, but that's what happened."

"It couldn't have been, maybe, like, hiding behind the washing machine? And it just LOOKED like it climbed out when the washing machine was knocked ov -

"No! It DEFINITELY climbed out of the washing machine."

"Ok, ok."

"I'm serious! I'm not lying."

"All right. I believe you."

"I do! Really. I'm sorry. Keep going."



"Right, yeah, OK. So it sort of fell out of the washing machine, but it couldn't stand up because something was wrong with it's back legs. They'd been crushed or broken or something. That didn't slow it down much, it was fast. Like, SCARY fast. You saw it move, right?"

"Yeah. It was… wrong. Too fast."

"Just like that. So it started coming at me around the edge of the washing machines so I grabbed the garbage can and I…"

Yep, the dog and then the people on the couch. Ease into the concept of the glowing snakes in your arm.

"Dang, so you had to like… pull the wire out of your arm?"


"The whole thing? How far was it through your arm?"

"Like… maybe thirty centimetres?"

"Ouch. That must have… not been great. At all."

"No, it was not. But I'm pretty sure that it wasn't really a wire. It was something just pretending to be a wire."

"Is that what the bandages are for? The ones on your arm? The Russian guy was really INTENSE about me not touching them. Like, I have bruises, kind of intense."

"Sort of."

"What do you mean, 'sort of'?"

"Watch yourself here, it's slippy."

"Yikes. Yes it is."

"So, how can they be 'sort of' because of that?"

"Well they're not bleeding any more."

"Thats good!"

"Yeah, maybe, but… now they're maybe doing something else now. Instead of bleeding. Now they're maybe, sort of, glowing instead."

There is a pause.


"Yes. The same colour as the not-TV. Lime green."

"And that's what…"

"That's what I'm using to see."

"The glowing… holes in your arm."

"Uh huh."

"Are what you're using to see."



"I'm not making this -"

"No no! I believe you. I just… I need a second, OK?"

They walk for a while in silence.