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> Get her moving first, then brief her.

OK. OK… umm… right. Better go tell her.

Bina takes a good look at the muddy space between her and the wall where Kendra is sitting. She covers the light in her arm with the increasingly frayed bandages, and starts walking over.

"Can I open my eyes now?"

"Yeah, I covered the light."

"Good. My hand was getting tired."

"Be there in a melon. We should probably mov -

"Wait! If you're coming over here watch out for the -

- drainpipe. Sorry! It got me too."

Ow! Again with the falling!

"Right in the knee! WHY in the knee!? Owww!"

Bina feels something grab her, and for a second she fights, windmilling her arms, but then she realizes that it's Kendra pulling her out of the mud.

Owwww! Her knees are still bruised from when she looked into the Botfly the first time.

"It got me in the shins earlier. I think it's a storm drain or something. Are you ok? You didn't cut yourself or anything."

"No I'm… I'm… I'm ok."

Bina feels a muddy hand pat her on the head.

"That's good. I am very glad you are not dead. Again."

Bina really, really wants a hug.

This has been the worst night of her life, bar none, and she's been alone. She's been alone through all of, and she's had to be brave, and keep moving, and keep thinking, and she really just wants to hug someone but she isn't sure how the other woman would take it and she doesn't want to ask because that would be we-

>Be the friend, provide the comforts

Kendra hugs her.

As hugs go. It's not the most elegant in history. They're both covered in mud and tired, and scared, and the chains from the handcuffs on Kendra's wrist snag in Bina's hair for a second, but she doesn't care. She really doesn't care.

"God, you're really tiny aren't you?"

"Uh huh." People have been telling Bina how small she is since she was about two years old. For some reason, people seem to think she doesn't know that she's not a large person.

"Don't cry kid, it's ok. We're going to get out of this."

"I'm not crying!"

"And I'm t-t-twenty! I'm not a kid."

"You are? Oh. Right. Sorry."

After some time, "You were saying that we should do something?"

"Right." Bina pulls back, wiping her nose. "Right. Yeah. We need to go. This part of the tunnel isn't safe. There's too much garbage. It could shift and, uh, that would be bad."

> Guide her out of the area, explaining as you go.

"Right. That sounds like a good idea. And when we go, you, you probably want me to close my eyes again?" She doesn't sound thrilled by the prospect.

"Yeah, but I'll explain why as we go. Does that work?"

"I guess it'll have too."

"Uh, this is all going to sound, you know, pretty nuts."

"It's been kind of a night for nuts."

"Here I just gotta move these bandages, uh, are your eyes closed?"

"They are now."

"OK. Now I'm going to take your hand, no, your other hand, there we go. And we'll go slow, so we can try not trip on anything."

"I guess this all started when my friend Katelyn didn't come into work last night, and I had to stay until closing. That meant that I didn't have time to do my laundry, like I'd planned too, but I was all out of clothes. They always lock the little laundry room in my apartment building at like, 10:00, so I came here, to the laundromat, so I could do my clothes before class tomorrow. That's when I met Gregor for the first time."

"You mean the Russian guy? He didn't grab you?"

"No. Not at first. I mean, he did later, I think, but no. Not then. When I first got here, I thought he was watching TV in the dark, which was weird, but now I don't think that's what he was actually doing. He was acting sort of strange, kind of shifty, but I was tired so I didn't think much about it. I started just doing my laundry, I put them in some of the washing machines near the door and…"