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"I don't suppose!" calls Bina. "That whoever pulled me outta there feels inclined to pull me the rest of the way?!"

The silence of the void between times is her only reply.

"Okay…" says Bina. "Guess I'll climb then."

She looks down at Piotyr. "Gravity is weird here bud, but I don't think I can climb without both my hands. Do you think you'll fit in the bag?"

"In my defense," says Bina. "This was supposed to be Kendra doing this, and she is way stronger than me, and also you and I were supposed to be in the Lego."

Piotyr's expression of judgmental dismay does not change.

"OK, I'll chuck some of the stuff in the bag. We're not going to need any of the tools and electrical tape anymore I guess…"