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Hey there Zach!

Y'know, when I found this, found this thorough someone's disqus profile, I thought "huh, neat! It reminds me of Awful hospital, my favorite!" And I started reading. That was two weeks ago, I am admittedly not a very fast reader.

And I fell in love with this series. I can't even start to describe the things I like about it, because I like everything. All the characters are great. (I'll personally make you step on a million legos if you kill Emmie now, btw.) It's creative without comparison. The community, even though I haven't gotten to see it alive, to interact yet, is amazing. To be frank, it's just a loving series. It has a spirit and heart that most can never come close to. Whether that comes in dead moments, timeline spanning drama, cliffhangers that could have given me a heart attack if I wasn't in the archive…

…or in the shape of banana suits, you talking to the community, Bina blushing, and Piotyr being cute. I genuinely mean that, this series is amazing, and all that just brings so much charm, so much soul.

I just love me a good game of Calvinball.

I was terrified, y'know, of catching up to find this ending. I guess I sorta did, but it doesn't feel like it counts yet. I love to see a series grow beyond the original plan, when the writer keeps its soul. Your first few "this will end eventually, trust me!" rants were charming, seemed to catalyze and evoke all the wonder, all the amazing things that kept pouring from this project that was supposed to take a few months. But the last few, they started to have a unnerving finality, I was so afraid to not get to contribute.

I deeply wish that I could time travel (hopefully in a less apocalyptic way) to see this story through from the beginning. To get to suggest plans, and go through age-based dreams talking to younger Binas…

But even if it's bittersweet to come late, it still is pretty freaking great.

+ 1 reader, my man.

First, these are very kind words and I deeply appreciate them. Thank you for reading, and thank you for commenting.

Second, holy crap your timing on this is incredible!

Please stick around, we ain't done yet!