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It takes Amie longer to notice what's going on due to being in the middle of an intense fight between a neon colored dinosaur and an evil undead time dog.

When she does notice, she tries to disengage, to pull the implausible dinosaur into a run back towards her friends.

"Aaaah crap buddy!" Amie yells. "I think we gotta go!"

It might have worked. The dinosaur is extremely fast and seems to understand her. More than once Amie has called out attacks from naughts and the cotton-candy colored creature's tail had found them, batting them aside like stuffed animals hit by a baseball bat, but the Hound…

The Hound is what she is.

Even with the air screaming, and the space around them fraying, and beginning to come apart like sea-foam in a storm, she does not relent, she does not slow down, she does not stop.

To turn their backs would be to die a hundred ways before they reached the tripod.

They cannot get away -

- so Emmie runs alone.