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>Do you think she's on the other side of that pile of rubble?


God dang it. She's probably right back at the -



"Nip you peach out, can you feel a washing machine?"

"Uh… No? Just… the walls, and this pipe I'm sitting on. Wait, uh, yes, yes. If I lean a bit. Here. Smooth metal. I think this is a washing machine. Yep. It's by those planks of wood that I -"


She must have passed Kendra in the dark, before she figured out the flash-light thingy!


OK. Just… retrace your steps right? No problem.

"Pan you leap singing?"

"Sure thing! Uh, are you ok? It sounded like you stepped on something or -"

"I'm fine!"

It takes ten minutes.


She looks ok!