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"Piece of what?!?" asks Josephine, in the tone of voice someone uses when they are absolutely at the end of their rope.

"Lego," says Bina, unhelpfully. "Of course, it's not really Lego. Still hurts, probably, if you step on it."

"Did you do this!?" asks Josephine. "You - you messed with my experiment!"

"Of course you don't actually need to step on it," says Bina. "Turns out there contacts inside the block that get connected when you compress the top. That closes a circuit and pop goes the weasel."

"What are you talking about? Weasels? What have you done to everyone!? Where are they?"

"Of course it turns out," says Bina. "That if you just stick a few wires up there - don't even need to solder them - you can close the circuit by touching someone with the wires directly, without actually stepping on it."

"Like this."

"Hey - hold on, what's that going to-"