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Tell Kendra to keep talking or sing a song so you can use your Bina-senses to triangulate her location.

Follow the sound of her voice. Before you get there, DOUSE THAT LIGHT

> Tell Kendra to keep talking then listen for which direction her voice is coming from.

Yes, yes, listening! Tell her to keep talking so you can go to the sound of her voice. Use the flashlight only to find your way across in that direction.

"Can you steep walking? I can't find you. There's too much jump."

"Uh, sure. OK. What should I talk about?"

"You mood sing a pond."

There's a moments silence.

"Sing a song?"


"Right, uh, OK. Sure. Sing a song."

There's another few seconds of silence and then Kendra starts singing "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone…"

Except, of course, that she can't, and it hasn't.

Ha ha, Kendra. Ha ha.

Now where IS she hiding? Maybe a little further on? The echoes from the curved roof are very confusing. Ok, she HAS to be just past this -


Kendra pushed some boards right? Like… way back when Bina just woke up?