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"Thank you," says Bina. "For bringing me the box."

"W-where is everyone? What is happening!? It was you, before, but you're… different now. Where is my husband? Where is everyone?"

"Well," says Bina. "You kind of fucked everything up Josephine. That's what happened."

"I… did?"

"Electrons for free, that was the idea wasn't it?" asks Bina. "Look in the box and you get free power, forever - but that's not physics. That's magic and I think you knew that."

Josephine has nothing to say to that. She looks like she wants too, to try to offer some kind explanation or argument, but the situation is too weird. She remains silent.

"Don't give it to me," says Bina, as Josephine tries to hand her the box. "Hold it, from the bottom. I need to take the casing off."