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>Try to say Bina but end up saying boner or something ridiculous like that.

"It's Boner!"



"I mean Tina."

"Tina? That's a ni -"


"I mean Beanie!"

"Beanie? Err… Like the hat?"

"I mean - " she grits her teeth and speaks very slowly, "Biiiinaa."

There is a long silence, thick with embarrassment.

"Uh. That last one is that your re-"


"Well, uh, pleased to meet you, I think, uh, Bina."

"Foo too."

"This uh… this word problem you have. With talking. It must be pretty annoying."

"New have flow idea…"

Now where IS Kendra hiding? She can't be this far out… Bina feels like she's been in this tunnel for weeks.