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"You are the time traveler yes?" asks Mr. Dubois, his tone one of genuine interest. "Not the other one?"

Bina isn't sure how to respond to that.

"I do apologize, the visions she gave me were incredible, but she is not so strong here as she will be in your time. They were astonishing but… extremely fast."

"I…" Bina pauses. "I am, the time traveler. Yes. The uh, the Lady of Time, I suppose. That's me."

He doesn't actually clap his hands, but he nearly does. His voice an excited whisper, "Phenomenal! I knew it as soon as I sensed you! And that box, the big metal box - that must be your 'time machine' correct?"

"An excellent guess," says Bina, and feels Leo go very still beside her.

"Then why such a dour expression Lady of Time," asks Mr. Dubois. "This is a moment of triumph."

"Well," says Bina. "Part of me, a small part, does still worry I am about to commit a monstrous crime I barely understand. So there's that."