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"And when I open the aperture," explains Josephine. "All that all of you will need to do is look through it and, together, we will activate this small lightbulb set inside the casing.

An old lady in the crowd stands up and raises her hand.

"'Scuze me Ms. Josephine," says the woman, when Josephine nods to her. "My eyesight isn't what it was, I can just about see your hat from back here, but not much else - will that affect the test?"

Josephine looks surprised, then thoughtful. "It might!" she says. "Probably best if you came up to the front row."

The audience shuffles it's feet, restless, as some of the older members of the audience trade places with the people in the front row.

Bina bites her lower lip, amazed that the crowd is just sitting there with the overwhelming sense of unseen pressure that feels like it's leaning on her every nerve

"Come ooonn…" she mutters under her breath, which makes Leo look at her funny.