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Bina freezes, turns her head away. She never intended to get this close to Josephine, but she's not sure how well her costume will work as a disguise. When she'd met Josephine before she'd been wearing a dirty t-shirt, and now she's dressed in something the other woman would recognize as clothes, but still - it had been only moments before that her past-self had disappeared.

She doesn't have to find out however, as the crowd, which had been watching the minor altercation with confusion and alarm, spots Josephine and a smattering of applause breaks out from the small crowd.

Josephine looks a bit surprised by all this attention.

"What was all that about?" asks Josephine, her eyes on the crowd, and her husband, and thankfully not on Bina.

"Nothing my dear, nothing," says Mr. Dubois. "Just a misunderstanding."

Bina takes this opportunity to try to shift around a little behind Leo and pull her hat down over her eyes.

"Now that our main event is here, who's ready to get on with the show?" calls out Mr. Dubois, in the voice of a natural showman.

The crowd applauds again.