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"H-hello Mr. Dubois!" says Leo in a voice that, if one were being charitable, could be described as 'not particularly confident'. "You know me, always working!"

Mr. Dubois, to Leo's considerable distress, does not leave, and neither does his smile. "That's what I've always liked about you Leo," he says. "Your fantastic work ethic."

"T-thank you sir," says Leo, trying to pretend he isn't sweating.

"And yet, I find you here, now, when my wife is about to unveil her latest masterpiece."

"Just… tidying up a few things," says Leo. "You know!"

"It can't be that you're uncomfortable at looking into her device can it?" asks Mr. Dubois. "You helped her make it."

"Just the casing," says Leo. "You know I'm mad for machines sir!"

Mr. Dubois smile, cranks up another notch, if that were possible. Leo is unable to banish the thought that it doesn't look exactly happy. In fact, it looks nearly painful.

"Machines indeed," says Mr. Dubois, his eyes sliding off of Leo and to the partially covered device beside him. "And it looks like you've found a brand new one. Come - let me have a look."