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>It can probably sense your fear. Try not to act too nervously.

Oh! Don't worry, Bina is FAR too TERRIFIED right now to be nervous! No problems there!

(Also, I know it's too late, but you really should not act like prey. Running made it want to chase you.)

She's pretty sure that wanting to EAT her was what made it chase her, but hey, you might be right. She's not particularly interested in finding out.

Kick its head with your free leg.

kick it in the faceee

Bina kicks at it with her free leg. Her hip is on fire, she worries for a second that she's dislocated it, but then the things claws are biting into her leg as it hauls itself closer, and she decides that at this point a dislocated hip is probably not her biggest worry.

She kicks, HARD, but on the floor like this she doesn't have much leverage and by the time she's got her leg up into position it's almost on top of her. It's face is hard and bony, like a skull.

The thing must weigh over five hundred pounds.

> Try to pull your leg out of its grip.

The thing's hold on her leg is strong, but awkward, it's claws aren't made for gripping. Twisting HARD she manages get away from it. It reaks of the same strange musty odour as the water.

As she shoves herself back as quick as she can, Bina recognizes the smell. The water, and the thing stink of brick dust.

The thing doesn't pause. It heaves itself up onto it's front limbs, ready to hurl itself forward again.

It makes no noise, save for the scrape of it's claws on the tiles and the wet, syrupy slither of it's useless back legs.

No breath. No snarls.

No fair, Bina thinks. No fair!