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The crowd had almost finished draining itself into the courtyard when Kendra places the surprisingly heavy metal trash can against the wall.

She adjusts the lid, considering whether it would be better to take off her shoes, or turn the bin over and step on the bottom. Both have their issues and she hasn't quite made up her mind when she hears a soft noise.

It's slithery, fabric rubbing against fabric and, if she hadn't been listening for it, she would never have heard it over the sound of the morning birds.

The dawn sunlight is blinding as she flattens herself against the brick wall and tries not to breath.


Ohhh man. Oh man. This is really, really, really good!

So, uh, hi! Long time listener, first time caller, I suppose you could say. Back ages ago when the forums were still around, I would always keep a tab open to this story, refreshing every day to check for updates. Never got up the nerve to make an account and post a comment though, so I guess that makes me one of the schroedinger's viewers you can never be sure exist.

I lost track of All Night Laundry when the forums went down, and just refound this website a couple days ago. I just want to say that I'm absolutely blown away by the the places this story has gone while I wasn't looking. The art, characters, and story are both amazing and, just, fun! You've mentioned in some of your comments that you're not sure about how the conclusion's going to land, but I just wanted to chip in and say that I think it's incredible so far. You've breathed life into a whole world, and I'm thrilled to be able to be here, enjoying the ride.

Hey Raeolu! Thank you so much! I think the vast majority of readers never say anything, and that's cool, but I really appreciate it when people reach out and say hi. :)

I am still bummed out about the loss of the forums. It's been years, and I don't think people realize how much we lost there.

I hope you stick around!

Edit: Woops! This was supposed to go up two days ago, but I did not copy it out of my writing program properly! Sorry Raeolu!