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So does that arm of yours produce heat or anything?

Bina risks a quick look.

Not as far as she can tell. The light is making her sort of nauseous but there's no heat and, thus far, no time shenanigans.

She's not interested in investigating very close. She's not exactly sure what the light IS, but she's sure that its dangerous.

The nausea might be the smell of the mud. It really IS gross. Like the burned crusty bits at the bottom of a frying pan… if you poured syrup over them and left them in a sink for a century.

Ask her to explain the weird feeling as best she can.

She calls out to Kenra, "Weird fin put way?"

"Just… bad. In my head. Like… bad. What IS that light?" She pauses, and then seems to try to pull herself together, "Are you ok? I don't hear you moving, are you stuck?"