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>Bina: just keep swimming~

God no, she's getting out of this muck as quick as she can. This close to the surface the weird, hot, sweet smell is almost overpowering.

OK. She can almost stand up properly if she leans on the wall. The goop is thick and clinging, like at the beach when you stand still in the waves for too long and your toes sink into the sand.

She pulls herself up the wall, the mud making sucking noises as she slowly manages to convince it to let her go.

> Can you see where Kendra is?

Not yet. There's too much junk. Bina has to get around the washing machine before she's going to be able to see Kendra.

Argh, there's no way to do this without it being incredibly awkward.

Hmm. Maybe if she shifts position like THIS, and lifts her leg like THIS she can -

- have her feet slip on something submerged and slithery, fall heavily onto a pile of rubble and nearly impale herself on some pieces of re-bar.


This is going just SPIFFY.

"Mar pour flies still closed?"

"Yes…?" Kendra says, "What just happened? I feel really weird?"


The green light is…really pretty…
Triple Damn!

Well played the two of you!