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Make a mental note that your green light stupefies people. It might come in handy later.

(discard plans for world domination. Naughty Bina! Bad!)

She hopes that's ALL it's done to Kendra.

The last time someone looked into light like this it…

… didn't go well.

"Far your eyes shut?"


Dang it! She sounds almost asleep.

"OK. Keep them shut!"

Hey! That sentence was almost correct!

Bina pulls her hand out of the muck again.

Aha, ok. The flexible stuff she was kicking at before is just a few pieces of the linoleum floor tiles.

Still… this looks like its going to be awkward.


Me: I'm going to take it easy over the holidays!
*picks the most labour intensive style yet*
Me: Sigh…

On the plus side, the internet is back! Yay!