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Kendra ducks back into the courtyard, and tugs her hat down, trying to look inconspicuous.

She needn't have worried.

Nobody looks at her twice. That kid in the magicians costume knew her business. Her skirt and blouse might be on the more up-scale end of the things people are wearing, and the fashion here seems to typically include an apron for women, but she is far from out of place. She's not even the only black woman, which is a bit of a surprise.

Kendra makes a mental note to buy the costume saleswoman a fruit basket or something if they all survive this.


Soooo I left a comment awhile back because I am a very easily amazed person, but as with many other people I shall post another now.

This. This is page 2162, I have spent many hours over the past four days reading to this point, and I am absolutely floored by the entire story and the amount of time, effort, and passion you have poured into it. I came from another webcomic called Awful Hospital, and the art difference was rather stark - enjoyably so. Read your comments later in the first spoiler where you said you focused on just fulfilling your long-in-the-making dream of making a comic and the restrictions you placed upon yourself, and heck if that didn't make me even more impressed.

I… Wouldn't know where to start (or end) with my gushing, especially because others have probably already phrased it better. The story was a great hook from the start. The art and ESPECIALLY the frequent art style changes, morphing seamlessly and ceaselessly made me realise exactly how precious this endeavour is. The characters were memorable from the start and I appreciate their designs (no same face syndrome? Big tick you've already gotten from just that). Then of course the way you interweaved viewer comments, made them matter and made your readers feel like they are actually a part of this journey because we are! That is also something I rarely see (I should go onto forums more) and that is done to such great effect.

Also Piotyr. I stayed for Piotyr. And the blushing, happy Binas. And the heroic moments.

I shall stay for many other things.

tl;dr: +1 reader, and here's to as many pages as it takes to complete this story, and more if you decide to keep going.

Aah! Thanks Dan! I will second what 'That guy what's made of cheese' said. It really surprises and delights me that there are new people still finding this place and still making their way through the ever increasing length of the archive.

Thank you for reading, and for your words. I really appreciate them.