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"Woah, careful," whispers Kendra, as Bina tries to stand. "Try doing just one incredibly self destructive thing at a time, OK?"

"Kendra," says Bina. "We both know I'm doing at least two right now." She tries to gesture at the prone form of her younger self and nearly trips over her own skirt.

"I'm OK!" she lies, heart still racing from the adrenaline. She tries to order her inner ear to calm the heck down as the world decides to spin a little, and the ground to go all wobbly. "I - "

"What in the heck is going on!?" yells Mrs. Hyung, her voice full of confusion and panic. "Was that a dinosaur? Why are there two of the same dog? Why are there two of the same girl!?"

"Do not ask this!" says Petrovich, beside her. "Ask important thing - can you get us out? Away from the monster?"