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Earlier, they'd had… not an argument, but the kind of impossible conversation they'd had so many of since all this started. The kind of conversation that always left Bina with the feeling that she'd just stepped off some kind of cliff and the ground was rushing up towards her, eager to teach her what the inside of her own skull tasted like.

They'd had it in the back of the truck, while they were, in theory, putting their supplies together. In theory, because Bina knew that Kendra needed to talk, but didn't want to involve Emmie or Amie.

"You know there's no way we can lift something like that," Kendra had said. "Not even if all four of us stayed by the laundromat."

"I know," said Bina.

"Not even if we found some way to use the truck."

"I know," said Bina, sighing. "They weigh a lot of tons."