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"Did I do it?" the words come out a mumbled mush as Bina lurches her way back to consciousness.

There's pain, new pain, bright and sharp, in her arm and her heart feels like a bird trapped in a cage, battering itself against the bars of her ribs.

Kendra had needed to use the adrenaline then. A contingency, in case she couldn't wake up in time.

"Yes," says Kendra, understanding her, and Bina looks up to where the other woman is shading her eyes and staring into the blackness above them. "We're good, you did it."

"Really?" asks Bina, who hasn't been expecting to actually pull this one off. "I mean - I did? I mean - for real?"

"I don't know how much of any of this is real," says Kendra. "But yes, you found your backup and she was very polite. Got in the harness - no trouble at all."

"Oh," says Bina, not sure how to absorb that particular piece of information. "Good."

"And it even looks like the pully is holding…"