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Make some noise so she can find you!

Bina licks her dry lips, and calls out "I'm here!"

Or tries too, it actually comes out "I'm bear!" Closer then she was expecting, but no cigar.

"Oh thank god! Oh thank god you're alive. Oh wow. OK. You gotta stop scaring me like that, girl! That is three times. THREE TIMES I've thought you were dead and I've only known you for like an hour."

Bina hears sloshing noises as Kendra moves around in the dark.

"I was beginning to suspect that you were, you know, squished! I think the whole building fell down."

Damn its dark. Bina tries to figure out what's going on, she's definitely submerged in mud, but she's not vertical, she's sort of slumped over against what might be a wall. She's lying in the mud, not floating in it. That's a hopeful sign.

"Keep talking, ok? I'm going to try to - ow! Ow! Crap!"

There's then a thump, then a sloshing noise and a splash. Kendra must have fallen into the mud.

"I'm OK! I just walked into something… Ow… OK. Jeeze, I think it's a drain pipe? Just high enough to catch me in the shin. That's going to leave a mark. Oww…"

Bina starts to try to sit up, then she remembers precisely how much head trauma she's already suffered today, and reaches out with her hands instead.

A good thing she did too, there's a wall, smooth and metallic a few inches above her head. It's probably the side of a washing machine or maybe a dryer. Bits of muck fall off her hands and patter onto her face. The air is cold, surprisingly cold, she lets her hands fall back into the comparatively warm mud.

The mud goes 'gloop'.

"Aha! Water. Yes, drainpipe it is. It must be really raining up there for there to be this much water coming out."

She reaches out to her left, her arm dragging through the mud, and her fingers hit slime covered brick.

OK. OK so she's wedged between a washing machine and a wall with most of a building on top of her.

In the dark.

>Keep calm, and try not to struggle too much.

The important thing here is not to freak out.


Above and behind her there is the kind of long and tortured groan only possible when quite a lot of metal is having a very bad day.

Immediately after, there is a gritty scraping sound and the washing machine above her shudders a few times before slipping several inches downward. Everything else, mud included, oozes a few inches upward in a slow sticky wave as several tons of what used to be a laundromat shifts uneasily and slips further into the muck.

There is a short shower of tiny pebbles around her. They make little plopping noises when they hit the mud.

Oh. Good. There's stuff above the washing machine too.

"Don't worry about that! Everything's going to be fine! Just keep talking. I'm going to come get you ok? Don't panic and don't, you know, move quickly. The stuff keeps sort of shifting, so be reeeeally careful. But you're going to be fine. OK?"

Bina tries to say "Ohkay." It comes out squeaky and scared, but recognizable.



This was very interesting. Thank you for linking that!

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Dalm, your capacity to find this sort of stuff on the interesting is awe inspiring, but also slightly worrying.

Finally caught up. Masterful use of style and writing to wrangle reader emotions.

Thank you! That's very nice of you to say.

+1 reader! This adventure is awesome.

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