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"Uhh," says Kendra, thinking fast. "So this is going to be pretty weird."

"You don't say!" says the woman, and Kendra gets the impression that she is the kind of person who enjoyed being clever. "What about this situation, is in any way not weird?"

"That's a good point," says Kendra. "But I can't explain everything. I can't explain much of anything. No time."

"Can you help her?" asks the man, his beard bobbing back and forth as he talks.

"I am," says Kendra. "But not like that."

They just accept that ambiguous statement with a speed that leaves Kendra a little breathless.

"Did my nephew send you here?" asks the old man. "Big man. Shovel?"

"No," says Kendra, then reconsiders. "Not directly. Listen, I'm going to need your help, and I'm going to need you to keep it down. If either of these two wake up - well… we really don't want that…"