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"What are you doing!?" yells Amie. "You saw what it did to those cops!"

"I don't think it has any instructions right now." says Emmie. "She's waiting for the next thing she's supposed to."

"So leave it!"

"I don't - I'm just - I'm going to send it forward a bit! If she wakes up - we don't want to have to deal with that -"

He certainly doesn't. He presses the Not Yet against the soft spongy flesh of the dog-creature's neck.

Which is when she moves.


Hoo boy. What a time to reach the end of the archive binge.

So. For the first time, I've caught up. I started reading this comic more than a year ago, but such is my life that I kept getting distracted and having to start over. But now, I've caught up, and can only wait and twiddle my thumbs with the rest of you, my fellow maniacs.

I read a lot of webcomics. A lot. As in way too many. And I have to say, out of that long list, this is one of the best. Not to say that there aren't things I didn't like but they've been minor quibbles, easily ignored. I love this webcomic, its story, its complexity, its characters. And the fact that it's ending. Sad as it will be to see a close come to this, so few webcomics are complete stories, so it's a joy to see another one with a planned story.

So. I think you've done wonderful work here, Zach. If you do decide to do another project after this, I'll be all over it like a Botfly over tasty human perceptive organs. I'm sorry that I couldn't have seen this through from the beginning, but at least I'm here for the end. I both look forward to and dread what you have in store for these poor people.

Hi Tahaneira! Thank you so much for reading! You have no idea how much joy and pleasure it gives me to realize there are still people discovering this comic for the first time. : )