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Umm… Ok… Questions… questions… gotta make them good.

>I don't believe we managed to get the gas mask. Why did we need it, and can we get by without having one?

Oh! Right!

I couldn't get the gas mask. How screwed am I?

"Oh. Uh. Bad luck there. You don't need it I guess, you're just going to be miserable without it."

Do I want to know why?

"Dust. Lots and lots of dust."


I guess that's ok then.

"It is a LOT of dust. Be warned."

>What happened to all the other Binas? How did they fail?

What happened to you, and all the other Bina's?

"I asked that one too. I tried to find a better answer for you then the one that Eleven gave me, but I didn't. Sorry. We don't know."

"The way that I can reach back and interact with your time-line stops before you get to a certain point, just as Eleven's ability to interact with my time-line stopped at almost the same point. I'm pretty sure it's when we go back to try to stop Josephine from activating the observation device in the first place."

"Nobody knows what happens when we do that, but we all keep messing it up somehow and causing a time-loop."

What was your biggest blunder, so I can avoid doing it?

What's the one thing you wish you could fix?

"You already did that one. In my time-line, Kendra didn't get out of the basement."

>"If I mess up, does that mean I become B 13?"

So does that mean if I mess up I become B13? I end up helping B14?

"Uh… no. You're almost certainly the last viable loop."

Crap! Why!?

"Um, it's a lot of math, but a simplified version of what is happening is that our time-line is looping, but the corruption in this area of space-time isn't. The damage just keeps getting worse even though time is being rewound."

"For the first several times we went through this, the Hound was the size of a regular dog. Every time we loop, the damage is more extensive, the cracks are more frequent and the Botfly is more… developed."

Oh great. So no pressure then.



"Sorry, it's just… that's exactly what I said."


This is pretty weird, huh?

"You're telling me! On the bright side, B4 thought this whole thing would just sort of collapse before we got through eleven loops. And look! We got to thirteen!"


"Crap, we're out of time. Quick, you've got one more question. Better make it a good one."


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