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>enter laundry mat

Nnnooo! How is it here!?

It's not supposed to be here!

And I know that when I go in there bad stuff happens!

"Yes. It does."

You're one of the B's right? From the wall in the office?

"Yes. The twelfth one. The one before you."

Are you… are you me?

"Sort of."


"We were the same person until a little while ago. Now we're sort of different people. It's complicated."

>: Bina. WAKE UP

I should wake up.

I wake up if I go inside, right?

"That's how it worked for me."

You had this dream?

"Not exactly the same, but close, yeah. I'm really sorry about Gran."

Yeah. It sucks.

"It does."

Now wake up, Bina. Kendra needs you.

I should go help Kendra. She's probably really scared right now.

"Oh you saved her? From the basement? That's good. I… I didn't manage it. She got… um… it doesn't matter now. None of that exactly happened any more I guess. I'm glad she got out this time."

I like her.

"I did too."

How long do we have? I have so many questions.

"Minutes. Maybe less. You're in trouble and you really DO have to wake up soon."

What questions should I ask!? You've done this before.

"Yes, but well… I clearly asked the wrong questions didn't I? Otherwise you wouldn't be here. So I can't help you with that."