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"Here, Amie - I can't take this downstairs with me and -"

"Keys to the TARDIS!"

"Hey!" says Bina, almost laughing before her capacity for snark is, momentarily, reduced to strangled gagging noises. "Amie!" she gasps eventually. "What the hrkkk!?"

Kendra looks between the ferocious hugging and Emmie, and raises an eyebrow.

Emmie shrugs at her, "It makes sense in context."

They watch for several seconds then Kendra says. "All right Amie, we gotta get this show moving. Come on. Let her breathe."

"I know!" says Amie, stepping back and letting Bina recover her footing. "Just… Keys to the TARDIS!"


For those people who are reading this and aren't huge Doctor Who fans. The Doctor giving someone a key to their time machine is a major expression of trust and affection.

Also, come on Dave - you know I'm going to draw hugs. :)